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Let me introduce you to GEMM Farms, Currently located in Portland, Oregon.

Megan Graham operates as company owner. She seeks out opportunities in the Industrial Hemp community to network with other growers, medicinal clinics, social clubs and resource centers to exchange and share information and to help find those retailers, growers, caregivers and patients in need of information or referral. The compassion she shows through every interaction, compels those she meets to trust her expertise.

As a CBD specialist, Megan has been educating in the Hemp industry for 2 years, and never stops learning. She takes every opportunity to continue her education, through lectures, seminars, webinars, and one-on-one private tutoring. Megan gives lectures at events, explaining Cannabinoids and how they work. Thereby giving the consumers at large pertinent information on how and why our products work.

Chris Graham is the COS (Chief Operating Specialist). Being raised in a family of horticultural lifestyle, landscaping has enhanced his ability to understand plants and the nature of their growth. His knowledge of how the plant interacts with the human body is astounding, as well as his intimate knowledge of how the plant reacts to certain stimuli. Chris is constantly learning and utilizing all media forms to expand his knowledge base through webinars, YouTube videos, plant books and networking with other experts in the industry.

One of our goals is being able to provide a safe tested product for a vulnerable population of individuals. The purpose of this business is to help those in need of relief and to improve their quality of life. And to continue to build on the sense of community we have with our fellow growers, business owners, and associates, as well as other like-minded individuals.

To do this we will be working on perceiving a need in the market; creating a product to fit that need; product development; product testing; and eventually product launch. We can also provide other licensed growers with gardening advice and expertise; and participating in local efforts to improve operations wherever possible. We will do this through education, legislation, and one-on-one interaction.

Oregon has the most regulated statutes and we follow them closely.Our vision is to focus on implementing a quality product that will aid us in our business ventures and enhance our environment through Eco-friendly production methods and enhance our growing community with quality products that will aid in their health and well being. It is our goal to expand; to be able to utilize most by-products; to be Green and efficient in producing our product.

GEMM Farms is a small social enterprise which was established in 2010, as a means to provide safe and affordable access for elderly women who have become disabled. GEMM’s Owner Megan Graham observed the physical hardship and pain that her mother in law (MIL), like so many others, was forced to endure as part of her independent medical choice. In 2010, it became clear that Megan’s MIL needed a decent grower to provide her with quality medical cannabis and other products that would help her quality of life after having multiple surgeries and major Gout.

Over the next 2 years, she and her husband gradually created the kind of quality medicine she needed.Then, in April of 2014, Chris Graham needed a total knee replacement. When the opiates stopped working, we needed to find something that would work. So between his knee and his mom‘s Gout, we created a topical that worked wonders. Then we started sharing it with our OMMP patients. After some research, we decided to use only CBD in our rub. Cannabidiol (CBD) is the part of the cannabis plant that doesn’t get you “high” it is used for health reasons instead of recreational purposes. The CBD products are either derived from industrial hemp plants or marijuana plants.

Next we created Agave Stix as it is vegan friendly and better for the diabetic community. So many people were wondering how to help their animals, that we created Zoe’s Be Calm Hardtack treats for them. And our newest product has been released recently; Bath Bomb’s!

We only work with states that have Recreational, Medical or a Hemp pilot program connected with a state university or research program. We strive to be as efficient, organic, and “Green” in our product production as well as strive to learn how to improve the process for product quality.

Part of our goal is to assist a growing population of the sick, injured and disabled by offering a healthier alternative treatment as opposed to the current rampant use of opiates or other synthetics. Eliminating waste and will increase the productivity of our crops while having a positive impact on our environment. Aiding debilitated patients who, on their own, cannot produce their own Industrial Hemp products. Our most important customers are the rampant aging community of senior citizens. But there is no one that could not benefit from our products.

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We strive to make the highest quality medicinal CBD products you can find and we love feedback from our community.

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We provide consultation, grow advice, knowledge about current medical marijuana laws, and much more.

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