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CBD Agave Stix (10 Pack)

$15.00 $7.50

Each package contains 10 Agave sticks with 1mg of CBD each

Total:  10mg CBD

Caramel Flavor

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Each order is one 10 stick pack.

CBD Agave Stix are on a Lower glycemic level, so it’s better for diabetics. Why? Because it goes through the kidney instead of the liver, so it doesn’t give you that ‘sugar rush’. Now it is still a sugar substitute, so you don’t want to eat an entire package, but 1, 2, or 3 with your morning coffee or tea, on a biscuit, dollar sized pancake, or all by itself!

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Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 7 × 3 × .185 in


2 reviews for CBD Agave Stix (10 Pack)

  1. Renee

    I cannot praise this enough. I have PTSD, which in turn led to Delayed Sleep Syndrome. On top of this I have severe anxiety and arthritis. I received a free stick at a convention and have since then been a loyal customer. Combining this with an herbal sleeping tea has resulted in something I couldn’t even imagine. I went from falling asleep at 4am to falling asleep at 11pm and waking up well rested. For years I had never understood what well rested meant. On top of this my arthritis isn’t nearly as severe, and my anxiety is lower (combined with my anxiety medication) than ever. These must have some sort of magic in them. My one warning is use these when you plan on going to bed. The effect kicks in within about ten minutes for me. Plan on at least eight out of sleep, but I’m getting six and doing great. I 100% recommend these. Just talk to your doctor first to see if there’s a possibility of a negative reaction. I have epilepsy and have had no negative reaction to these.

  2. Cheryl

    I have arthritis in my neck and 8 also have lung disease, I use to love smoking weed but sense my condition I haven’t in 8 years, I am very limited on lung function, my daughter seen these Carmel stick at a smoke shop, I was a little nervous to try so I did it didn’t help with my pain or sleep, I was really disappointed everyone told me cbd would be good and help me, maybe doing 1 wasn’t enough I don’t know, but the flavor was great..

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