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Zoe’s Be Calm Hardtack Dog Treats


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Your dog is going to think you’re really special when you reward them with these special dog treats 🙂

Using an organic coconut oil and beef bouillon base, these dog treats help your dog achieve calmness.

15 hardtacks $15

30 hardtacks $25

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15pc, 30pc

3 reviews for Zoe’s Be Calm Hardtack Dog Treats

  1. Jorge Diaz

    Our dog can do stairs now!!!

  2. Jesse Workman

    I have been using them on my cat for a few months now. I take half a treat and crush it into a powder so that it can be sprinkled over her food in the evenings. It really seems to be helping her arthritis and also a bump above her right eye. When I’m able to use the product and make sure she gets her whole dose without the other cats eating it, the bump seems to stay almost non existent. If I dont use it it starts to come back. I would like to see you guys create a cat formula that would simplify this process. I would love it if I could give her a soft treat without the hassle of breaking and crushing it over food. But thank you guys for creating a pet friendly product! The Industry needs this!

  3. sonia french

    My dog was recently diagnosed with diabetes and pancreatitis. He’s been in a lot of pain, nauseas and vomiting and lethargic. Zoe’s, a low carb treat, could be added to my dog’s meal twice a day, 1/2 per meal. My dog got very quick pain relief and was able to calm enough to sleep hard. Thank you, Zoe’s.

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